SSuite Excalibur


A full-featured, intuitive suite with more than 30 apps



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SSuite Excalibur is a complete package that includes all of the essential apps that you might need for your office, and it is completely free. It has a simple interface that will provide you with 30 tools, including a text editor, a spreadsheet manager, a desktop publishing program, an image editor, a web browser and even games.

Each of these utilities has an interface that is designed to make it easier to use, allowing you to be more productive and offering you a better user experience thanks to an accessible and intuitive toolbar that is similar in all of the apps.

If you just reformatted your computer or just bought a new one, SSuite Excalibur will provide you with everything you need: antivirus software, video and audio players and converters, text editors, spreadsheets, a PDF creator, a notepad, printing tools and some games and chat apps.

All of these programs are open-source and you can run them directly after you install the complete office suite. In addition, if you don't need one of these programs, you can always delete the shortcuts to it from your start menu.
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